The board aims to have a core group of members with a third of the membership being drawn from local parents. Currently our core members are:

The work of the board for Five Children and Families Trust is currently underpinned by a strategic steering group whose membership include:

In addition the board for Five Children and Families Trust believes that the most important stakeholders are children and families themselves; we don't think that people need to sit around a board table to make an impact on services and we will continue to use innovative approaches to gain the views of as many parents and children as possible.

One of the more formal ways will be the ongoing development of a parent forum that we hope will feed into the strategy, give us a view on how well we are doing and ensure that the views of parents are always represented. This will be underpinned by an annual parent conference, family events and celebrations and a vigorous face to face campaign.

The board has adopted a code of conduct based on a document produced by ACEVO, Charity Trust Networks, ICSA and NCVO on behalf of The National Hub of Expertise in Governance.

The code of conduct sets out the terms for governance and is based on a series of agreed principles for good governance which is defined as "the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of the organisation."